Live Election Coverage: A Look Inside Studio A

A few weeks back we wrote about the live production services we’ll be offering for the upcoming US election.  As we get closer to early November, we thought we’d dig in a little deeper and review the full technical features of each of the 3 studios we’ll be building out in Washington, DC.  Let’s take a closer look at BMG's live election coverage, starting with studio A.

Set Design & Camera Compliment

Studio A is an indoor set featuring a round, news style table that can accommodate up to 5 people.  The set will be positioned in front of a window featuring a one-of-a-kind view of the National Mall, which will be the main creative focal point of the studio.  Additional branding opportunities, such as on-set monitors and signage, can be provided.  Studio A will be covered with 5 cameras: 2 robotic cameras and 3 manned cameras.

Control Room Staff

Studio A will have a dedicated control room inside a production truck that will be parked on-location at the venue. The control room staff will include a director/TD, AD, A1, graphics op, record/playback op, video engineer, and prompter op (if needed).  From the control room, clients will have the ability to roll-in graphics and pre-produced video packages.  We can also incorporate live remote segments as well.

Production Staff

In addition to the control room staff, BMG will supply all camera operators, a stage manager, camera utilities, PAs, A2, production manager, and executive in charge of production.  If needed, BMG can provide the full editorial team or supplemental editorial staff to support your current team.  Live translation services can also be provided for foreign broadcasters.

Live Transmissions

BMG will offer fully redundant transmission options for all clients.  While our exact transmission plan is still being locked in, we are planning to offer fiber or satellite as the primary connection with an IP-based solution as a backup.

Shared Production Resources

Clients will have access to a shared makeup and green room.  Additionally, BMG will provide on-site work space for editorial teams which will include WiFi access.

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