5 Quick Tips for Video Marketing

Video marketing with relevant content is increasingly becoming essential to a successful business. Did you know (according to comScore) that 45.4% of internet viewers view at least one video per month, with the average viewer being exposed to approximately 32 online videos monthly?

So how can you, as a business wanting to tap into this form of content marketing, make this most successful? Here are five quick tips for video marketing:

  1. Personality: This is your opportunity to make your business, or service, stand out. Give it some personality! Ensure that potential consumers viewing these videos see colors, movement, calls to action, user reviews etc.
  2. Give valuable information: How many times have you watched a video for a company, or service, and thought: What did I learn from watching that? Far too often companies don’t offer valuable information about how their business can help consumers watching the video.
  3. Be Relevant: Speak on topics that are currently relevant, offer tips that interest people right now and pose yourself as an expert in the field you’re addressing. Not being relevant makes your company, or service, feel stale and not up to date.
  4. Offer testimonials: There’s nothing more powerful than seeing someone who has used your product rave about their experience.
  5. Hire professionals to do your video work: You should not rely upon someone who isn’t a professional to video your content marketing pieces. Sound, content, video productions etc. all are compromised without using a company (or agency) who isn’t highly skilled in video production.

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