BMG CEO, Todd Mason, Shares Insights on Television Production and his Entrepreneurial Journey

Todd Mason, CEO of Broadcast Management Group

Ever wonder how Todd Mason got his start in television production? Would you have guessed it started with cutting lawns and detailing cars?

Recently, Todd was interviewed by Siimon Sanders from Entrepreneur Decoded. In this interview, Todd shares personal stories from his past and how at just 17 years old, he was already producing and managing live productions.

In this episode of Entrepreneur Decoded, Siimon and Todd discuss:

  • Todd’s first exposure to videography and television production
  • Launching his first startup
  • Being crystal clear about what you have to offer and narrowing it down even further
  • Growth strategies for business owners
  • Working with a business partner
  • Todd’s average day and routines / habits
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Live video production on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

About Entrepreneur Decoded
Hosted by Siimon Sanders, Entrepreneur Decoded is a podcast where you’ll find real conversations with today’s most successful entrepreneurs. This podcast allows entrepreneurs to share everything from personal stories to the exact strategies they use on a daily basis.

Besides hosting Entrepreneur Decoded podcast, Siimon is the founder and CEO of OscarHamilton, which offers podcast production & editing services.

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