Twitter Acquires Social-TV Startup Trendrr

In their most recent attempt at dominating the social-TV market (and possibly the world), Twitter recently announced the acquisition of Trendrr, a startup that specializes in social-TV analytics.  This comes just 6 months after Twitter’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs, a startup that specializes in… wait for it… social-TV analytics.  (Sound familiar?)

New York-based Trendrr offers 2 distinct products:  their “Curatorr” product provides companies with a unified real-time platform for tracking Twitter engagements while “Trendrr.TV” tracks television data across multiple platforms.  Both platforms give Twitter a more comprehensive service offering and helps bolster their credibility as a leader in social-TV.

In a recent partnership, Trendrr discovered that Facebook has 5 times more social-TV activity than Twitter.  After the study, some speculated that Trendrr would become part of the Zuckerberg Army; however, through its acquisition, Twitter put an end to any speculation and will subsequently stop Trendrr from any future partnerships with Facebook.

It appears that Twitter is looking to establish its hold on the social-TV market by acquiring agencies that specialize in social-TV analytics and offer unique products and services that Twitter can then turn around and provide to its existing user base.  While we still try to make sense of the countless data and metrics behind social-TV and determine exactly how big an impact it’ll have on the future of television, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of arms race develops between our favorite blue bird and their adversaries at Facebook.  Who will strike next in the social-TV Cold War?

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