Welcome to Broadcast Management Group’s Official Blog!

This blog will serve as an informational hub and conversation platform. We’ll discuss a variety of topics ranging from production management, broadcast communications, video marketing, the inner workings of HD studios, and event production just to name a few.

Th BMG blog will also showcase the challenges and achievements within the industry. Future blog posts will include a range of topics, such as the Broadcast Management Group team experience in production management for various companies such as ESPN’s, “Pardon the Interruption”, “Around the Horn”, and “Cold Pizza.”

As a team we have produced thousands of hours of live broadcast and recorded network and cable television. We are also looking forward to sharing the history as well as the future direction of BMG with you.

We are a company that thinks outside the box, allowing us to leverage broadcast technology to improve the quality, creativity, speed, and reduce the cost of content development and distribution while enabling shows to do what no show has achieved before.

As everyone becomes more and more social media savvy, we decided to jump head first into the conversation. Broadcast Management Group looks forward to connecting with our readers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, so feel free to join the conversation!

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