Which Production Staffing Arrangement is Best for You?

Our typical production staffing agreements fall into one of three categories: recruitment-based, full outsourcing, and day hires. Each option brings with it different benefits and different financial obligations. Finding the right option depends on your long-term staffing goals as well as your budget. Here’s a look at how each of these production staffing engagements work…


Production RecruitmentWith a recruitment-based production staffing arrangement, we’ll work with you to find the right candidate in exchange for a recruitment fee based on the new employee’s annual salary. We’ll help to develop and refine the job description, develop a target salary range, and handle all the job postings, networking, and pre-screenings. Once we have a pool of candidates that we feel match your needs, we’ll schedule interviews with the key hiring managers at your organization. Once a candidate has been selected, this new employee is added to your organization as a new hire. We collect our fee, and your job opening is now closed. A recruitment-based arrangement is best suited for organizations who don’t have the time or resources to look for talent, or for organizations who are having trouble finding the right talent.


An outsourced production staffing agreement is somewhat similar to a recruitment arrangement. We will manage all of the job postings, pre-screening, and interview scheduling. The key difference here is that once a candidate is selected, BMG hires the employee directly and – in essence – leases them to your organization on an on-going basis. The employee is added to our payroll, participates in our benefits package, and we’re on the hook for all of the fees associated with this hire. We, in turn, invoice for this employee on an ongoing basis, for the duration of the project. Outsourced arrangements are best suited for organizations who want to limit their liability and exposure associated with hiring a full-time employee.

Day Hires

Day HiresSome of our clients aren’t looking for long-term staff, but instead, for production crewing services for a 1-off project. These projects can last 1 day, or multiple days, and are either on-location at a production studio, or remote live production projects. With day hires, BMG books all necessary labor on a day-rate basis for the length of the project. We handle all of the bookings, scheduling, payroll, and year-end 1099 processing associated with this type of production staffing agreement.

If you’re looking to expand your in-house production team, or need assistance crewing your next live production, give us a call, or check out our production staffing page for more info.

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